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Nicolas Perony: Puppies! Now that I've got your attention, complexity theory

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Animal behavior isn't complicated, but it is complex. Nicolas Perony studies how individual animals -- be they Scottish Terriers, bats or meerkats -- follow simple rules that, collectively, create larger patterns of behavior. And how this complexity born of simplicity can help them adapt to new c...


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"Collaboration is another example of

"Collaboration is another example of

  • simple systems"
  • insane systems"
  • complex systems"

Do bats hypernate?

Do bats hypernate?

  • Only female bats
  • No
  • Yes

George Box said that "All models are false but some are...

George Box said that "All models are false but some are...

  • ...awesom"
  • ...ridiculous"
  • ...useful"