About Talentists

Find and watch great educational videos. Learn more by answering questions. Make your learning visible by creating a talent profile.

Find educational videos

Talentists converts YouTube into an educational social media. You can find great videos from top universities, watch them, answer a few questions and get talent points.

You can also subscribe to our mailing list to receive one email per week about new free classes.

Make learning visible

When you watch videos you will answer a few questions about the content - in particular: each video has one question for every five minutes.

The miniclasses that you have passed appear in your personal talent profile page.

In other words: Talentists makes your learning and talent creation visible by showing how many hours you have watched and studied in the topics that are close to your heart

Add videos and get points

Talentists is an open educational platform. Anyone can add videos to our site!

Simply paste a link to any educational video from YouTube and turn it to a mini class.

Every video has one question per five minutes accompanied by one correct answer and two wrong answers.